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PC Autotune, the ultimate solution for computer maintenance, computer security and remote support.

PC Autotune Features & Benefits FREE Pro / $19.95
Advanced Registry Cleaner | Memory Optimizer
Complete Disk Cleanup | Hard Drive De-fragmentation/SSD Trimming
Automatic PC Restore Point | Integrated PC Analysis & Troubleshooting Tools
Real Time Automated PC Tune Up & Maintenance
Customize & Automate Your Own PC Maintenance Schedule - Maintenance & Cleaning When Your Out
35% Discount on Network Support & Engineering, PC & Mac Education & Training, System Administration & Troubleshooting
BoulderIT Affiliated Partner Discounts on PC & MAC Products, Including but not limited to: Carbonite, LogMeIn, Sophos, Microsoft and Many More
Remote Access Support(RAS) through our Integrated PC Autotune VNC Client
* Systems Administration, Network Support, Engineering, Education & General PC & Network Support is provided by BoulderIT(Boulder, Colorado) System Administrators

PC Autotune Professional is the fully automated premier tool to diagnose and cleanup your Windows based PC. Designed by our staff of IT Professionals and System Administrators at BoulderIT Commercial Networking in our PC & Network labs in Boulder, Colorado, we have spent over 20 year developing PC Autotune based on the needs of our customers and their network environments. With a triangulated solution of PC Maintenance, Data Integrity & Backups and Internet Security, we believe PC Autotune will guide you to the best possible set of solutions for your computing environment. Whether at home, school or in the office, with your computer running at optimal performance with PC Autotune, your efficiency as a Computer & Internet user will always be at its peak. Our mission is to keep you moving forward with your computer as one of your main tools. We consider PC Autotune an essential supply in your virtual toolbox…streamlining your efficiency to learn and prosper.

Also included in your PC Autotune Professional Subscription are our BoulderIT partner discounts for premier solutions to Carbonite Internet Backup and Sophos Network Security, as well as many other security and internet related products that we’ve been trying and testing for over 20 years.

As an add on bonus to your PC Autotune Professional Subscription, we are offering premium IT based phone support, all kinds of tips and tricks as well as professional network & computer consulting, at a 35% retail discounted rate, from our in house System Administrators and Network Engineers at BoulderIT. Whether you have questions related to email, printing, internet functionality on your network, wifi setup, drivers/firmware, desktop, laptop, tablet, PC or Mac, we can assist with all of your questions and concerns.