Frequently Asked Questions

What is PC Autotune’s Technical Support Feature, and how does it work?

PC Autotune’s mother company BoulderIT has been building and supporting commercial networks for over 20 years. With over 5,000 PCs to manage, we developed a remote support integration into PC Autotune, so that any user of PC Autotune Professional can contact our support department, and setup a remote session with our technical support representatives to troubleshoot any situation involving networks, internet, email, printing, data management, etc.  

As a subscriber of PC Autotune Professional, our remote support integration gives you, the user, quick and easy access to our desktop support professionals for remote troubleshooting.  Additionally, as a subscriber of PC Autotune Professional, pricing and support fees are discounted 35% down, and reduced from 30 to 15 minute increments for billing purposes. One 15 minute support session saves more than the overall cost of a one-year PC Autotune subscription.


How long does it take for PC Autotune to run the first time?

The amount of time PC Autotune takes to run on the first run varies. We’ve documented from 20 seconds all the way up to 30 minutes (a computer that has never been tuned). PC Autotune handles several tuning processes (cleans up clutter and temp files, cleans the PC registry, defrags/trims hard drives, scans memory flags) as it runs. If a computer hasn’t been recently tuned up, it can take substantially more time on the first run. There is an elapsed run timer built into PC Autotune so that each user has a good idea of the time it takes to perform a tune-up on their specific computer.


Will PCAutotune remove more clutter on the 1st run?

Yes, PCAutotune will remove more clutter on the 1st run versus subsequent runs.  In most cases, most of the clutter on your computer has never been removed.  On the 1st “autotune” run, PCAutotune will detect and remove all of the clutter that has not been accessed within the last 14 days.  Following this run, you will enter the maintenance phase, where PCAutotune will continue to monitor and remove clutter as it builds.  The amount of clutter that is removed per run can vary, depending on how often you run PCAutotune.   


Does PC Autotune work on all versions of Windows?

Yes, PC Autotune runs on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, and 10.


How often should I run PC Autotune?

We recommend running PC Autotune one to two times per week. If you leave your computer on, you can automate PC Autotune to run on its own schedule by clicking on the “Settings” button and choosing a schedule that you prefer. We recommend scheduling PC Autotune during the evening hours or other hours when the computer is idle. 


Can I still work while PC Autotune is running?

Yes, there is no issue working while PC Autotune is running and cleaning your computer. We recommend using the scheduling feature under settings to set a desired schedule so that PC Autotune can run while you are away from your computer.


Is PC Autotune “Green”?

Yes. With proper care and PC maintenance, your computer will last longer. The longer your computer lasts, the less computer waste gets generated and the less money you spend on always purchasing a new computer.