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“no more computer issues.”

With real time maintenance running, no more computer issues.

— Brett

“Don’t notice the slowness”

Don’t notice the slowness of my computer anymore.

— John

“My PC has been running great.”

Needed a simple and reliable solution for computer maintenance. My PC has been running great.

— Mike

“A little maintenance goes a long way.”

A little maintenance goes a long way. Our computer is back to life! Thank you PC Autotune.

— Tom

“My computer runs well.”

Consistent maintenance makes sense. My computer runs well. If I do suspect any type of issue, I have the few necessary tools to run and things usually clear up.

— Jim

“our day to day computer issues are gone”

With PC Autotune running maintenance on our computers twice a week, most of our day to day computer issues are gone. Computers running very well all the time.

— Barry

“Thank you PC Autotune”

Best internet and computer tool I’ve found. Keeps my system running great. I can finally Zoom again. Thank you PC Autotune.

— Stephanie

“the computer is back to life”

We had an older computer that was struggling to keep up. We purchased and setup PC Autotune to run 2 times a week and for the most part, the computer is back to life, runs well, and gets us through our day.

— Connie

“Keeps our old computer going.”

Keeps our old computer going. We know at some point we will need to replace it, but this program PC Autotune is worth its weight. Recommend a copy to anyone with a PC.

— Jack

“Network running much, much better.”

After trying the free version, this program is a great tool for someone who doesn’t know much about computers. Bought the professional version for our whole office. Network running much, much better.

— Marsha

“Highly recommend PC Autotune”

I’m in online school and I’ve had a few issues with posting and transferring documents to my online portal. It turns out my internet was not uploading correctly. I was able to use PC Autotune’s internet speed test and with their help found out the issue. We were able to resolve the internet issue and now my computer is running fast and my internet is working again. Now all I need is better grades. Thanks for your help PC Autotune. Highly recommend PC Autotune internet & computer program.

— Makenna

“a trustworthy source for computer advice”

Couldn’t believe how easy it was to download and use. PC Autotune fixed most everything on all of our 5 computers. There was one issue with our email not sending that we couldn’t figure out. One call to PC Autotune’s remote support technicians, and within 15 minutes the issue was resolved. Nice to know we have a trustworthy source for computer advice and technical support. Thank You so much.

— Lauren

“Thank you PC Autotune”

PC Autotune’s Internet Speed Test & results tools have helped us bring our internet back from extremely slow to reliably fast again. With the help of PC Autotune and working with our Internet Service Provider and went from 10 to 50 on our internet speed. Our modem was causing the issue. We had no idea how to solve this, we just thought our internet was naturally slow. They replaced the modem at no charge and we are back in business! Thank you PC Autotune.

— Craig

“Peace of mind”

Peace of Mind – We were concerned about our internet security. Working with PC Autotune’s remote support staff, we realized that we were not protected from ransomware. We were able to change our internet security product, with a substantial partner discount, and now have full protection.

— Alicia

“We’re back on our feet”

The PC Autotune Technicians are upper class with extensive knowledge about computers and networks. After a quick diagnosis, we were at the root of our issue. Our battery backup was failing and our internet router was failing as a result of it. We’re back on our feet, with a new battery, a new router and fast reliable internet. Thank you PC Autotune.

— Don

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