PC Autotune Help Desk Ticket System

$149.00 / month

Fully Automated Help Desk & Support Ticket System for all of your companies users.

Your users fill out a support ticket for help and a copy of that ticket gets emailed to the user (ticket creator), the office admin/manager and a copy gets routed to our internal database for archiving. Your office admin/manager responds to the ticket, solves the issue, closes out the ticket.



The PC Autotune Help Desk Ticket System is a simple to use ticketing system that creates a funnel for all of your users to create support requests directed to your company’s office manager/admin/internal support.

Tickets can be submitted from any device, phone, laptop, tablet, computer that’s on the internet and users can assign priority to each request, Low, Medium & High.

Tickets are all logged in your company’s staff control panel and all tickets are in the active ticket queue until closed out by your manager. You decide what happens with your support tickets.

A copy of the support request goes to the user, the office manager and our internal admins via email. They’re internally managed by your company’s admins/managers, and your tickets can be assigned out to our system administrators by your managers if the requests are too complex, your staff runs out of time or the request seems out of scope of the day to day operations. We don’t respond to tickets unless specifically directed to respond by your office’s management (i.e. a ticket is assigned to our system administrators by your office manager).

The system is designed to empower your managers to solve issues and save time and money by managing your support requests internally, with external resources available for high priority requests.

The PC Autotune Help Desk Ticket System saves thousands in inefficiencies and gives your office managers an organized way to manage all of your help and support requests.